Well this is my story of how I am "Becoming Melissa". I was racking my brain with what to call my blog and think the word journey and path are a little cliche, but that was what I wanted to write about...my story. So being the big Jane Austin fan that I am I decided to steal the idea for her movie they made, Becoming Jane.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1

This is me...for now anyway!!!

So I get on the scales this morning to weigh myself the morning of the first day on Dr Cohen's Lifestyle Programme and I knew I was bigger than when we went to China. However I was not prepared for what I saw. I had gone to China 94kg and the only goal I set for myself, was not to gain any weight while away. I didn't, I ate whatever was going and then with all the walking we did it just balanced itself out.

So then my plan when we got home was to get serious...LOL yeah whatever that means. So about 3 weeks after we returned I said to Ronnie (that's my husband) I really want to give this programme ago. There are a couple of reasons, first of all my overall health. Energy, weight, brain function, you see it is not just another diet, you are in affect beginning to treat the problem of obesity and everything that goes with that by using food as your medicine!!! I love that.

Ok so back to the scales...99.1kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is not a bad thing however as it is just so motivating to move away from 100kg. I am officially the heaviest I have ever been not pregnant. So it would seem this is the perfect time for me to start on the road to better health and happiness.

So I am going to be tracking my progress with you and keeping a journal here to help me vent the good the bad and the ugly of the next 6 months. Firstly I am going to be marking down the milestones I will achieve and outline how I am going to reward myself. I will start with the 10kg losses or no I think I will celebrate the breaking of different barriers in tens, e.g. 90kgs, 80kgs, etc.

90kg - Pedicure
80kg - Buy yourself a gift (new earrings, shoes etc)
70kg - Buy a new church dress
62kg - AT GOAL - New jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok the other milestones I am going to celebrate is in picture form...so it will be its own reward.

First is fitting into this pair of jeans

Adele looked and saw we could make the letter "A" out of the jeans, so we took two pictures.

The next is fitting into one of my favourite dresses ever, I always felt great in this dress and just lovely the simple classic design.

Ok so my third and final will be a photo in those new jeans I purchase when I make goal....62kg!!!

Ok time to dedicate myslef to being a Mama!!

Over and out...


  1. Love the new look Liss!!! Its gorgeous! Can't wait to see those new jeans you get when you hit your milestones!!! xxx

  2. I meant new look blog btw! :) :) :)

  3. I love your curves Liss. Looking at this picture all I say is a gorgeous gorgeous woman. And I love those legs. Those muscels are amazing!!!! You are just stunning no matter what your weight! xxx

  4. Melissa, I weigh the SAME!! I look the same as you except with tree trunks and no boobs!! I was noticing as I was walking today that the fat around my upper arms was kindof sticking to my sides hahahahahahah oh dear... Anyways, I love your buns, you are awesome wonderful love you!!