Well this is my story of how I am "Becoming Melissa". I was racking my brain with what to call my blog and think the word journey and path are a little cliche, but that was what I wanted to write about...my story. So being the big Jane Austin fan that I am I decided to steal the idea for her movie they made, Becoming Jane.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 5

Well it is Day 5 today and this is how my week has gone...

Tuesday (Day 1) Went to bed with a massive headache...no guessing it was sugar withdrawals!!! Had a terrible night sleep and headache was still there in the morning.

Wednesday (Day 2) So that lovely headache seemed to dissapate with a lovely egg and 95g of vegetables!! Of course a hefty drink of water always helps!!! Just feeling tired.

Thursday (Day 3) Ok so I am doing ok...a few little temptations yesterday...I am really enjoying the food I am eating but would like about three times the portion size...obviously my body is not used to eating from all the fat stores I have spent the last year investing in and prefers a much more instant approach to where the fuel comes from... yes I am feeling hungry but I know what I am eating is enough...I am just used to more than enough.

Friday (Day 4) I know I am not suppossed to hop on the scales but I can feel those lovely back rolls dissapearing already...so I have lost exactly 4kgs already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it either and I know I have a long way to go but more than that I am feeling very in control.

I was driving in the car late yesterday and just felt so much lighter. I feel like I have been freed from bondage. I don't want to eat everythiong in sight, I am not suppressing my emotions like I normally would with food and I am not obsessed with what I could eat next!!! Although I have had little temptations along the way and my love for food hasn't really changed, I don't have to eat it!!!

Take Thursday night for example, I cooked Butter Chicken for dinner for the rest of the family. I love Butter Chicken, it was just out of a jar of course to satisfy my need to be preparing simple meals for others. However true to form I don't just serve it with rice. I made a yoghurt dressing with mint and grated zucchini, some cheesy tortillas toasted and cut into little triangle to go with it. I even plated it up with the rice in a nice mold and everything. I had a major light bulb moment realising that I can still enjoy food with out having to over indulge my body. I can still be a MASTER CHEF...(which I am) and not be so fat!!!!

So all of that really helps me out for what I was doing yesterday and today (Saturday-Day 5). It is my sister Kellie's 40th Birthday party today and as you know I am the Master Chef so I was asked to do the cake. For the first time ever I made a chocolate sponge cake...well two actually and they look perfect! I will however never taste them. I can honestly say I am Ok with that. I am also in charge of making little caramel tarts and this chocolate mousse that I love, with Hazelnut Prailine in it and I am OK with that. The cake will be put together with two layers of Raspberry's and cream and one layer of the Hazelnut Prailine Mousse, topped with a white chocolate Ganache. I know it sound amazing but you and I will never know just how good it will taste!!!!

So for the most part my first 4 days have been a total success. I will be in touch and let you know how my treck for freedom continues!!!!
Bring on that 90kg Pedicure!!!! Only 5.1 kgs to go!!!!!!

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  1. YAY!!! Half way there!!! How awesome! Its great to see you so excited and motivated and motivating....you are the best! xxx