Well this is my story of how I am "Becoming Melissa". I was racking my brain with what to call my blog and think the word journey and path are a little cliche, but that was what I wanted to write about...my story. So being the big Jane Austin fan that I am I decided to steal the idea for her movie they made, Becoming Jane.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to Basics

Tonight I read the scriptures! Yes when I say back to basics for me it is back to those basic and simple things that have always made the biggest difference.

So I am reading Alma chapter 2...somehow in my head I had decided that I would read 2 Nephi 2 thinking that the atonement and agency would be a good place for me to venture this night, a good place to start. Half way through the chapter I look up to the top left hand corner to discover I am actually in Alma...(it shows you how well my brain and spirit are functioning, it took me that long to register I wasn't in 2 Nephi!!!)

So as usual it is by no mistake for as I read about Amilici and his endeavour to rule over the people and make them subject to him it is interesting that I marked a part in verse 5 where it states that "...every man according to his mind..." they being the people of Nephi, not at this time all follows of God....but they thought...they didn't pray...they didn't see how they felt, no it states that they according to their MIND made a decision on whether they felt that Amilici was fit to be their King. The decision made by the majority was against it. Well with faith restored in the MINDS of the people whether followers of God or Alma (who was at the time the Chief Judge). So Amilici is not happy and has enough people who are willing to follow him and decide to make him their King anyway. So they go to war, the Nephites now smart enough as they are with their MINDS prepare for the attack and are strengthened by God in their righteousness to win the battle and defeat the Amilicites who do attack in great strength.

Therefore, all appears to be well due to sheer grit and determination; and of course the Lord on their side purely because they are good people. Unfortunately all is not well as the Amilicites soon unite with the Lamanites and with their great numbers decide to fight to take over the great city of Zarahemla. So the Nephites come and meet with this great army on the river Sidon and it doesn’t look good as by sheer numbers alone the Lamanite/Amilicite army is so great. But in verse 28 it says that "...the Nephites being strengthened by the hand of the Lord having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemy..." and as we know that whether we hear it or not the Lord always answers our prayers he did of course "...the Lord did hear their cries, and did strengthen them..."

Well they did defeat them and now I will tell you what I got from this story.

I started this journey the weight, my health and this "Becoming Melissa" thing because by the power of my MIND I knew something needed to change, I needed to get a different result in my life, therefore I needed to do something different. So I won the first battle, physically I can do this. I lost 17 kg in 8 weeks, and I guess like the Nephites I begun to feel a little like it was all too easy. However I did in the next 8 weeks I only conquer 9kg. Now this is good for sure, but those of you...(Bianca) know that the weight loss in this programme only slows down if you slow down...meaning I began to be complacent.
I also realise that this second battle, so to speak is more emotional and spiritual, I have mental blocks to getting below this weight. So like the Nephites now this is more than just physical preparation. I know I need to strengthen and really involve my Heavenly Father and my Saviour in this next part of my journey.

I really need to take this opportunity to share a large part of what makes me... me.... I have a knowledge of God. I live every day aware that He loves me...and not just me, He loves all of us as His children. I know He has a vested interest in me. Like any loving parent He cares about all the little and big details of my life. So as this has so long been a part of who I am, I need to make this more apparent in my Becoming Melissa.

Today I conclude with the statement that though I am Becoming.... I have actually always Been...eternal in nature and spirit...we have always existed.
As I have just returned from New Zealand were we enjoyed a fantastic family holiday..yes it was seriously one of the best holidays...I will sign off in NZ Style.

Arohanui (Big Love)