Well this is my story of how I am "Becoming Melissa". I was racking my brain with what to call my blog and think the word journey and path are a little cliche, but that was what I wanted to write about...my story. So being the big Jane Austin fan that I am I decided to steal the idea for her movie they made, Becoming Jane.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


So the past few weeks ...months have been fraught with challenges...therefore my weight-loss has been slow!! It has still been a loss but it has been significantly slower as my commitment has been wavering...I guess you could say with 2okg's down I had the mind-set that I was on the downhill slide, but it still takes work!!

Ok so today is a new day and I am feeling strong again, back on my medication which I never should have gone off as quick as I did or without the proper assistance form like a doctor or something!

I do have something good for you though, it is my 14 week picture...prepare to be amazed if I do say so myself!! Ok so they look a bit like criminal photos and you are right I will get a really nice photo taken when I am at goal, but I promise to do the same criminal type as well.
You know when you are struggling there I have so much to say but today when I am feeling at peace...almost with life and just thinking of getting m house in order and actually being motivated to do so.....I just don't have much to say accept sorry to anyone who cares to read my little blog space. I do intend to not stay away so long and be more motivated to get my voice out in the world in a safe place...into the lives and hearts of my dear friends who think I am interesting enough to read about!!
P.S. Please keep writing I love reading about your lives!!