Well this is my story of how I am "Becoming Melissa". I was racking my brain with what to call my blog and think the word journey and path are a little cliche, but that was what I wanted to write about...my story. So being the big Jane Austin fan that I am I decided to steal the idea for her movie they made, Becoming Jane.


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Second Week Begins!!!!

Ok so last night I got to measure my progress and I have lost a total of 20.5cm around my body, The biggest loss is my waist....9cm!!!! %cm off my hips (the largest part of me) and only 2cm off my bust but it is all progress. I was pretty stoked at that. Towards the end of last week I was struggling, you may have guessed that if you read my last blog. But seeing the results last night it has definately been worth it.

We (my sweetheart and I) discussed with my four year old that Mama is doing a healthy eating plan and that it is to get my body smaller so that my back doesn't hurt and so Mama can have more energy, etc. Well she keeps looking at me and saying...

"Mama!! You are smaller! It is working!!"

Bless her sweet little heart, I am not sure if you can actually see a difference but it is very cute that she has an interest and that she wants to encourage me. She also asked me the other day while eating tiny teddies if they are healthy. My response was that eating them a little bit sometimes is healthy but not all the time!!

Well I am back to the grind. It has been almost a week since I had a whole day to focus on my home so I have lots to do!!

Love Melissa XXOO

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